Love, sex and charity

Love, sex and charity
 Why women love "humiliated and insulted".

You certainly had to think about why women so often prefer men who have a life, to put it mildly, not everything went smoothly. Why are women so like sufferers, sometimes not even able to stand up for themselves? And why very often the owner of a woman becomes hero in shining armor, but the most common and survives a coward.
I often find myself on the fact that poor health of young people (not necessarily mine) - it's like a red rag to a bull: not just like - ons. Never more so much you do not want to kiss and hug him, in moments when his nose snot flowing. Of course, scientifically proven that men their disease almost always exaggerate (remember a certain number of years ago, I sat with my sick friend - the temperature was 38, 4 - and he, holding my hand, left me a gray sweater his father, who was very fond of) However, little is in the woman's soul such a rush of tenderness, as a man suffering from a cold. The same man in a healthy condition can cause a wave of anger, hatred, anger and become a target for vases, although it is healthy he appears before us in all its glory - as the protector and potential successor kind. Why are we so like men in their most miserable and vulnerable state?
Most recently, I had to talk to a psychologist who told me the formula of love (or at least, I it as such since then and believe). It is said that love is possible only when one person gives another opportunity for self-fulfillment and the chance to feel it necessary to. That is if your pious as a child dreamed of becoming an actor, not a ranger boat station, give him the opportunity to feel like an actor at least with you, at home. Suppose he says, gesturing exaggerating - only with you, he will feel needed and implemented. And he will never leave you, unless you find a more sympathetic ear. So, very often against women feel unwanted or unsold. Men do not want to feel sorry for them, they do not want them too baked, they want to appear strong and self-reliant. And women feel the need to give affection and care, and that in the moments when a man is sick, hurt, upset - woman begins its triumphal procession: on the poor guy pours all accumulated tenderness, kindness and care it took so long to let her show. Thus, the time for men worthlessness gives a woman the opportunity to experience their involvement in the relationship, their necessity and relevance. For the same reason women initially respond to men's weaknesses - that he gave her the opportunity to show their femininity, that she felt that he needed, and here it is already "sunk". In the words of Barney: "I - the captain of infantry, early tomorrow morning goes on a dangerous trek, and it is not known what happened to me there could happen". The consequences of you probably know.
Now, about the maternal instinct - the most obvious answer to the question why women sometimes like weak. Yes, the vast majority of us are still in the future plan to have children. However, maternal instinct begins its work much earlier than the time when Frautest show two strips. We, of course, I want someone to babysit, and if a child have to have this doll, the older age for this purpose gives us men. Sparing a man, a woman prepares herself to the fact that at some point in her life will be a creature which she will regret the rest of my days, regardless of life situations. And the best thing that can make a man in this position - is to let his girlfriend from time to time to show compassion, giving some reasons for it, of course. Because if you keep going to strangle his companion in the maternal instinct, then over time you will be close to the infantile spoiled woman who has no idea that even the most courageous men sometimes need support.
Finally, the nature of. In the beginning, we have assumed that women always have to choose the characters, because that's what they are for your partner's genetic interest. However, this is not always, and here's why. Yes, the characters, of course, have a number of advantages, which draw the attention of almost every woman. And all of these benefits can play into his hands. However, let's imagine a situation in which the hero involved not quite the hero, so to speak. And then a hero comes face to face with a bear. And it wins. And then his laurels, honor, a big house, the most beautiful girl. It is in good alignment. But bear with the layouts are likely to disagree, and therefore will make every effort not to leave anything extra from the hero. Thus, it turns out that the hero in difficult situations either survive or not, ie 50/50. But not quite the hero alone to bear with his bare hands will not go, and after serving somewhere in the high fence. And it turns out that the cowardly and indecisive people in difficult situations is fully insured against failure. And now let's imagine a mother of three children, to choose the guaranteed living and healthy survivor, or brave, but probably not for long living and certainly very unhealthy hero. What do you think, to whom she would choose? Of course, at first, because it's better bird in the hand, as they say. This is another deep evolutionary and certainly quite unexpected reason why women often do not feel sympathy for the most expressive representatives of the masculine.


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