How to define treason

How to define treason
 A woman suspects her husband of infidelity, it is not easy. Persistent doubts, the desire to know the truth and the reluctance disappointed ... If you are sure that you will not live with the apostate, it is necessary to know the defining characteristics of behavior of men who say that he had a mistress.
 One of the most obvious, but is rare in cautious signs are considered traitors traces of lipstick, the smell of women's perfume on clothes, scratched body and condoms that you do not use it. But we must again mention that such "evidence of a crime" are very rare, and if there are, you can almost certainly say that cheating has occurred is not sober and casual. Or it crafts a lover who wants to quickly separate the man with you.

Alert, if the partner has become closely monitor your phone and hide it from you. SMS frequent at night, calls - a sure sign that you have to hide something unpleasant. Try to carefully check your favorite phone when he is asleep, or too busy. Of course, this is not the most beautiful act, but if you want to know the truth in that at all costs - act.

My husband and I go to visit close friends. If a man also came the mistress and she is good, it will not fail to boast of his prey to his comrades. Confused glances of men and their wives sympathetic person can tell a lot.

Be on the lookout for a man suddenly began to look after themselves or acquire new things on their own, whereas previously you've always done it together. Especially wary if new clothes did not look like the clothes that he wore before. Perhaps it does not purchase, and gifts mistress.

Keep in mind that rare sex - not always a sign of infidelity, because your loved one may just be sick or very tired at work. At whatever your doubts are based, try to talk sensibly and not to be led by emotions.

If you are sure that the beloved man found himself another, you need to talk to him and find out the truth. Regardless of whether or not to change a man, he would deny it. But true man, in response to your argument would agree to make a printout of calls, tell your password by e-mail and, if necessary, take other steps that can prove his loyalty. The traitor will also swear uvorachivatsya, offended at you and will do everything to make you feel guilty. Remember, faithful man has nothing to hide.

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