How to be an interesting man

How to be an interesting man
 Many girls are given a similar question. Why for some girls running around the crowd of children, and on the other one does not even look? There are little secrets that will allow you to attract the attention of men, for them to become interesting.  
 Everyone has long known that men love with their eyes. So the first rule, which must be complied with - is to watch for the appearance. Tidy your hair well-groomed men like beautiful curls or neat haircuts. Pick the hairstyle that suits you, and not just copy a fashion magazine. Proper mowing will add charm and style to you. Select the right things that will make your figure slim and elegant.

Try to be friendly and cheerful, maybe even a little windy. Men do not like very serious and boring ladies. Often smile, your view of it will sparkle and attract attention. Radiates positive energy and good mood.

When communicating try not to ask stupid questions, but at the same time, not much, and get smart. Do not rush to extremes because of silly they scoff, and smart are just afraid.

Do not load them with their problems. Of course, no man will deny assistance pretty girl, but if you're going to be imposed, and no end to ask for some services, it will show itself from even the most patient, and all the interest you will be gone.

At work, do not make all the Streak eyes. Otherwise, the team quickly add up for you a certain impression. So you do not interest the men, but only angered the female half of the office.

Constantly cultivators. Sign up for courses, get yourself some hobbies. It is desirable that it was interesting and exciting, not only for women. If there is a choice - to go in a circle knitting or sign up for diving lessons, choose the latter. Here you have the opportunity to spend time surrounded by strong men, which you can attract.

Value yourself and respect. It is not necessary to run after the man, try to force yourself. So you are unlikely to be interested. But if you build your relationship so that he will pursue you, then you have a much better chance.

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