How to avoid domestic scandals

How to avoid domestic scandals
 Household quarrel - this is normal. Even people who live together for many years, may occur spat. However, we must learn how to prevent conflict, or at least prevent the transition a little quarrel in a major scandal.
 The most important rule that will avoid serious domestic quarrels, says: Do not hold yourself in irritation. If you do not like something in the behavior of households - tell him about it, but quietly, without tantrums and insults. If a person understands hints, just indirectly point to the lack of it. Household scandals often occur because of trifles simply because some little thing becomes the last straw, overflowing the cup. Instead of immediately inform the reason for his dissatisfaction, people suffer from time to time, and then expresses all his claims immediately. For the second household it becomes a shock, because he did not know that doing something wrong, but the stream of insults will not allow him to resolve the issue peacefully.

Learn how to present yourself in the place of another person. Sometimes people take out the evil in any innocent others due to strong irritation, fatigue, depression, anxiety, etc. Try to be milder in these situations, do not need to maintain aggressive partner, talk to him gently, quietly, and after everything returns to normal, forget what happened and do not make mention of him ever. Remember that some people become very irritable during a serious illness, and can even tell a offensive words, but to take it seriously not worth it. Learn to forgive friends.

Go concessions when necessary. Both you and your family members are not perfect, everyone can have its drawbacks, which have to learn to live with. Listen to the other party, do not ignore his words and try to understand them correctly. For example, a pregnant wife to the husband may complain of feeling unwell, and he did not want to listen to, interrupts and asks whether you want to buy her a pill. Women need no medication and care, attention, affection, but my husband does not want to understand it, and as a result there is cause for scandal.

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