Caution: sexual fantasy!

Caution: sexual fantasy!
 Men talk about it with a dreamy smile and do not hesitate to each other. Women, by contrast, prefer no one to share their sexual fantasies, though no doubt they are present in the life of every sexually active women.  

What do people want, what they dream, when left alone with him? In his fantasies, each of us can at least for a moment to become a completely different person.

Modest and shy girl in her sexual fantasies turns into a treacherous licentious temptress. Man, is not particularly popular with the opposite sex in dreams becomes irresistible macho sought by the most luxurious woman on the planet.

Sexual fantasies are necessary for everyone. It is said that in dreams and fantasies man draws inspiration and strength to move forward and achieve its goals are.

In general, the life of men is inseparable from the sexual fantasies since puberty. They cause pollutions and familiar to every man an erection "at the wrong time."

The stronger sex in principle quite dreamy, and about sex and even more so. Why just not in their dreams: and many women and unimaginable poses, and even some distortion. Tellingly, the men can share each other's fantasies. Dreams about sex does not prevent even the existence of a loving and understanding wife or girlfriend.

It is noteworthy that in a society has long been considered quite normal when a man seeks to translate their fantasies into reality, but to women's sexual dreams cautious attitude.

Women prefer not to share with partners in the imaginations of fear that they deem immoral or loose. This fear often several poisons intimate life of a couple where the woman is forced to restrain themselves and limit small.

Expert opinions about whether to devote his sexual partner in dreams, divided. Some believe that the male partner will not be able to adequately take sexual fantasies of women, considering them for their secret desires and cravings for treachery. Others believe that the knowledge fantasies partner will help to establish an intimate life, make it brighter and more intense. Others are of the opinion that fantasy should remain fantasies, and those who are trying to implement them, waiting for the inevitable disappointment, because real life is far from the world of dreams.

What is silent as the weaker sex? Most often women think about sex with several men, or sex with elements of violence. The second place is occupied by a fantasy of making love in public places and about having sex with a stranger in unusual conditions, such as on a train or plane.

Very often, in their fantasies woman presents herself sexually impotent. This is the most powerful stimulus spurs equally to both men and women. A feeling of strength, masculinity and sexual partner danger awakens in people basest instincts.

Whatever, public attitudes towards sexual fantasies, intimate life without them would be joyless and faded. Decorate dream life, it is the most harmless way to experience erotic pleasure without breaking the rules and norms of decency.

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