As part worthily

As part worthily
 When a man and woman with all my heart sincerely love each other, they want to believe that it will always be that their feelings eventually cool down. A hair's breadth as in many fairy tales: "And they lived happily in love and harmony, and died in one day." But the fairy tale and reality - different things. It so happens that the once loving couple spending. The reasons for this are many. How to leave with dignity, peacefully, without scenes, screams and scandals?
 Both men and especially women (because of the greater emotionality of the weaker sex), we must remember that they are cultural, civilized people. Yes, sometimes overwhelms burning resentment, anger, the desire to shift the blame for the upcoming break on "this heartless scoundrel" or "thankless merzavku." However, self-respecting man does not go to any swearing or hysterical. We must find the strength to solve the problem with a decent calm.

If we are talking about a married couple with children - think about it! For children the news that two of the most loved person, mom and dad do not love each other, do not want to live together, and without that would be a strong psychological trauma. As not to aggravate it even scenes, scandals, mutual reproaches, the more insults and threats. Just make yourself worse and your children.

Even if the spouses have firmly decided that it is impossible to save the marriage, they do not necessarily look at their former "halves" as enemies. Try to calmly solve all the problems that the normal development of your children is very important to Mom and Dad continued to maintain more or less a good relationship.

In no case did not devote to their problems friends, girlfriends. Even if you are very hard psychologically, and I want to speak out, to feel the support. Yes, you are willing to spare, sympathize, "You did so much for her, and she is! ..", "You're so many sacrificed for him, and he is! ..". And the point? As a result of your break will know a lot of people, your "dirty laundry" will be on display. You need this?

When it comes to lovers or persons held as it is now "fashionable" to talk in a civil marriage, they should convince myself: this is just a standard episode that will leave not only unpleasant memories associated with rupture. After all, is likely to remain in the memory and a lot of good. If only so you should try to be thankful partner (partner). Who knows whether a couple will want some time after parting start all over again? Such cases are not so rare.

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