3 major sexual roles of men and women

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 Man and woman - day and night, heat and cold, two completely opposite. However, if it were that simple, only two poles. Today, therapists and sexologists define multiple roles that men and women tend to play themselves and impose partners. It is believed that women are the most common as a "mistress", "fighting friend", "mom." In men, it is the role of the "son", "big brother", "dad".

Developing learning about sex and all the more a person tries on almost all existing sexual roles. And only after passing through them, as if absorbing them into itself, it becomes a full-fledged, mature person. This is assuming normal development. However, it also happens that the young man is stuck in some kind of role plays her whole life, gradually believing that he really was and the other can not be. Consider these possible sexual roles in more detail.

The woman - the mistress. Yet these women are called "prostitutes." Can act in the role of sexual capricious girl child. As a rule, their main interest is sex. They are resourceful, reckless, in bed capable of much. However, many require a partner. Love, tenderness to the man in these women often absent, feelings are not needed and even interfere. From an early age they know their value, and are perfectly able to bring it to the man.

Woman - "ally", "fighting friend". This sexy style is best explained by the words "sex friendship." In this case, the partners have for one another wonderful, warm feeling. They meet regularly and talk "about everything", share their experiences. Sometimes sleep together, but not often and without obligation.
Woman - "mother" refers to her husband as an adult son, sacrificing herself for him. Men next to a woman ready to share all the sorrows and griefs, seek comfort and warmth. However, sexual activity such as a pair of rules quietly come to naught.

Man - "son." Infantile, capricious, its development remains at an immature teenager. Usually carefully watching him, cocky, selfish. Woman for him to become a mother, patient and sometimes strict. Sexy role of "son" has gradually led to a cooling of sexual desire with a partner "mommy."

Man - "big brother". As a rule, in this role are young men who in childhood defended his mother from his father-tyrant. With respect to its position women occupy senior brother-protector. By sex, are quite indifferent, most gentle, caring than sexy.

Man - "Daddy." These men prefer women - "prostitutes." And many who grew up without fathers girls dream about such a partner. It is usually a workaholic, rich, home strict and authoritarian. All decisions are made by myself. Sex often considers only the satisfaction of biological needs, such as eating and sleeping.

It's only a few roles that often play with each other people. In fact, there are more, they pass into one another. They are united by only one thing - if a person is "stuck" in any one sexual role, he will not be happy. He never feel the harmony in themselves and in their sex lives. Such harmony involves the desire to give and receive the widest range of sensations and emotions. Why should fixate on one thing at any one role, fearing and forbidding yourself to be who you are. It's scary impoverishes relations deprives partners the opportunity to feel the charm of such a diverse and changing lives.

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