10 Rules of Attraction in French

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 French considered the best lovers in the world who have their own ideas about sex. And often their views on how to properly enter into an intimate relationship, at odds with traditional notions of Russian women.

Rule №1: "The complete absence of cosmetics"

This Frenchwoman never go to bed with makeup. And there in bed, make-up, they are only applied in exceptional cases. Many believe that it is laziness. In fact, the French believe that the shortcomings of the skin to be treated, and not masked.

Rule №2: "We need to talk"

Frenchwomen for sex - it's as natural as any other desire. Therefore, they do not hesitate to talk about something that would like their partner sexually.

Rule №3: "Not complexes"

French consider themselves the most beautiful and attractive, despite the fact that sometimes it is not so. To have sex, they never wait until it gets dark.

Rule №4: "Sex - it's romance"

At each date at present there is a French romantic note.

Rule №5: "Underwear"

According to statistics, more than 20% of their income spent on French lingerie. And we believe that it is correct.

Rule №6: "The enemy of sex - overweight"

French eat very little, to remedy the lack of pleasure from eating pleasure from sex.

Rule №7: "sex all ages"

French believe that with age, sex drive should only increase. And do not allow that different everyday problems, fatigue and daily duties prevented them from having sex and enjoy it.

Rule №8: "Devotion to traditions"

Many people know that the French kiss invented in France. Therefore, who but the French are fluent in this skill.

Rule №9: "I - above fashion"

French believe that their personal preferences more valuable fashion trends in any area. This also applies to sex. They prefer conventional missionary position all frills "Kama Sutra".

Rule №10: "Long live the erotic"

French very fond of watching erotic movies and do it very often.

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