What questions should not be asking men

What questions should not be asking men
 Relationship lovers are always individual, intimate, intimate. Words and phrases that they exchange, can not and should not be stereotyped. The woman, being receptive and flexible, capable, together with her lover to build a harmonious and lasting relationship, if it is not inappropriate to ask questions.
 One of the important conditions for a harmonious relationship of man and woman is a mutual respect for and observance of a vow of silence, even if you feel a strong urge to ask her man, for example, about why he does not come as a friend of his in certain situations . Do not ask questions to which you directly or indirectly compare the financial position of familiar men, success and human qualities. So you will avoid negative reactions from your favorite and will be looking for another, better way to learn more about it.

Communicating with your chosen one, always remember, with what tact you treated him in the early days of your acquaintance. You watch every word, expression picked up and tried once again not to touch it as a human, and manhood. Gradually, you took it for what it is. So think about what to ask inappropriate questions about his figure, appearance, gait, etc. Raduyte her man, often tell him compliments, but do not ask such questions irrelevant.

It is important to observe the verbal taboos in intimate relationships. Under any pretext not ask her man about past relationships. Enough in the beginning of a relationship understand for themselves how often your partner in love and then make the appropriate conclusions from what he heard.

Take care of yourself, not to casually ask your loved one about what he thinks about your appearance, recalling that one of these days you had attentions familiar or, on the contrary, is not familiar to young people. Do not seek to fill the heart of your chosen jealousy. Come up with some more effective way to arouse interest to you falling asleep.

For a woman, it is very important to know and feel that it is still desirable. Do not ask the young man if he loves you. Try to refrain from such direct and easiest ways to obtain declarations of love. So you avoid everyday where it should not be: the sincerity of words and happy moments. Let his confession sounds only when he is ready to express their feelings to you.

Often relationships with parents influence the communication loving couple. Do not ask your partner provoking questions about them, be considerate and polite. Make it clear to the man that you may not be interested in what family he grew up, what his relationship with his mother, father, etc. Take your time and do not force events. Wait until your favorite himself will tell you about the features of communication with his family.

Nurture at exposure. Keep silent once again, giving speak your favorite. So you just add your relationships romance and harmony.

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