What questions do not like men

What questions do not like men
 Men and women are completely different in everything. Therefore, many of the issues that seem perfectly natural and harmless weaker sex can cause resentment and even anger at the strong men. Of course, the woman does not want to anger her partner, but the results can be disastrous. To avoid this unpleasant situation, ladies should know in advance what questions you should not ask, talking to men.
 Where have you been? »

A woman asks about it, not even thinking about the possible consequences. But little else is the question may enrage a man with such rapidity and reliability. At best, he replied dryly at him as the hero of the popular once infomercial: "Beer drinking! "In the worst - it will express all he thinks about it. And he thinks about a lot, believe me! For example, she suffers a painful jealousy. Or does not believe in the sincerity of his feelings. Or totally did not respect if you want to report, like some boys. In the end, it is an adult, he has important things to do, he does not have to agree with your partner every step. So, the girl who asked this question without any ulterior motive, ready to burst into tears of resentment and misunderstanding.

"Do you love me? »

Yes, oddly enough, this question can also angering the stronger sex. With one important clarification: when it is set to ten times a day, if not more often. And this is very typical of a young girl in love. After all, they are ready to hear the assurances of love at least every minute for them these words - bliss. Guys just really do not understand how you can repeatedly ask the same thing, slowly come out of himself.

"What are you thinking now? »

It is difficult to explain the reason why this question annoys men, but the fact remains. Indeed, often annoying, and how!

What are you doing now? »

The fair sex is asking this question automatically, without thinking, even if their own eyes see than it is now occupied by her beau. For it is - a way to start a conversation, and nothing more. And for men - a source of irritation: "Is she not see what I'm doing now? Why ask pointless questions? "If the lady is calling a man to work and says the same words, the reaction partner in general can be unpredictable. Especially if the call came in the midst of a very important meeting and nervous. Or, for example, when a man breaks his head over a challenge, turning a lot of solutions.

"You've had a lot of women before me? »

This question puts a man in a silly and awkward position. Says "a lot" means a womanizer, womanizer. Say "enough", it turns out that is not very attractive to the fairer sex.

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