Types of men: audial, visual, kinestetik

Types of men: audial, visual, kinestetik
 In fairness it should be noted that these types of people as visual, audial and kinestetik distributed in the general population of men and women equally. Therefore, the conventional wisdom is that men love with their eyes, ears and women-not true. However, knowledge of the characteristics of perception of different types of men can help us more skillfully to build relationships with them.

We all have five senses through which perceive the world and build a mental picture of the world. But each one adult or two predominant perception system. If you enjoy authentic NLP terminology, this is called the primary representational system.

As the number of people with the dominant olfactory and gustatory perception system is negligible, these systems are considered as additional to the basic - visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Accordingly, people with a predominance of visual perception called visuals, auditory - audialami, kinesthetic - kinesthetic. How do you determine what type belongs to one or the other man?

There is the easiest, but not the most reliable way to find out which system dominates perception in humans. It's enough just to ask him a question on a neutral recall any situation. "Neutrality" in this case means that the issue does not contain words that have sensory basis, ie those that can trigger memories of a certain type. An example of such a question may be the phrase "Remember your last vacation."

The content of the answer for you it will not matter. You only need to carefully monitor the movement of the eyes interlocutor at the moment of remembering. Remembering visual lift up his eyes, kinestetik omitted, and eye movement audiala will be horizontal. This method of determining the type of men are not very reliable because the can recall the most memorable, not belonging to the dominant system of perception.

More reliable, but also requires more time method is to analyze human speech. Accordingly, the types of primary representational system people use in speech words and phrases that have sensory basis. For the visual characteristic of the use of such words and phrases as "You see", "I think", "clear to me," etc. Audialy will often use the phrase "live in harmony", "word for word", "unheard of", etc. Kinestetik tend to "feel", "feel", "restrain themselves" and so forth.

Most of us are well aware that communicate with someone better in his own language. To do this, you need to adjust your speech under the mindset of the interlocutor. The ability to read information about the dominant channel of perception greatly facilitates this task. Easier to perceive the visual language of images, kinesthetic - the language of sensations, audialam - the language of logic.

However, as the authors of the concept of NLP, "attributed to the person" visuals "or red - the same order of things; sometimes this kind of information - is worse than nothing because it prevents one from seeing it for what it is, look zashorivaya empty stereotypes.

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