The unmistakable diagnosis - love

The unmistakable diagnosis - love
 About love writing poems and compose songs. It is in the movies, cartoons, fairy tales and holiday cards - in short, everywhere. And you, of course, the dream that one day meet the man of her dreams and fall in love with him without memory. And how do you know that what is happening to you is love, not love or attraction?

Women fall in love faster than men. To fall in love, quite a romantic mood, a pair of successful dating and overall liking. But love - a temporary state of euphoria and still no not love. So how do you distinguish true love from the unreal? Trite answer is simple - you need to wait. The fact that the initial stages of a person experiences an initial sympathy for his partner. If all goes well, sympathy intensified, growing in love. But here is whether love will grow in love, It can never know.

People love describe his condition as a temporary insanity, or blurred mind. You feel compulsive need to communicate with the object of your passion, feel a surge of strength in his presence, and are willing to do a variety of stupidity. Brain with his logic and reasoning is completely disconnected, leaving you alone with his love. It was during this period, most people behave inappropriately, and during this period usually occurs qualitative transition relations to a new level. You either become lovers or married, or starts to quietly reduce each other crazy.

After a period of falling in love comes sobering. Hormone levels in the blood decreases, and you can more realistically look at things. Very often, this established relationship sober view simply can not stand. When love goes, if this feeling was not a couple splits, because we know that between them was only a flash of passion, a chemical process. But if after such a sobering people continue to feel a strong attraction to each other, getting closer and want even greater intimacy, then relationship grew into something more.

Say with certainty when it begins a true love, you can not. After all, for each pair is very individual. You can figure it out suddenly, and you can just feel that you love, and do not wait any evidence. After all, love and be loved - a natural human need. We want to love and strive to always get it, whoever we are and wherever located.

If you feel that you love and can no longer keep it to myself, then your love is sincere and real. It does not depend on whether you recognized your partner in the second sense. After all, in fact, his answer will not change anything. If people love each other, all the rest does not matter, but if not, it does not matter even more. Keep this in mind and try to love sincerely and selflessly.

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