Pomatrosil and threw? Why do men throw women: how to protect yourself

Pomatrosil and threw? Why do men throw women: how to protect yourself
 Probably almost every girl aspires to long-term, serious relationship, but one manages to build them, and the other all the time and are looking for some reason with them men do not stay long. Why is this happening? And how can this be avoided?

You have started to meet with the pleasant young man. Movies, flowers, romantic walks in the evening, and perhaps you have quite a long time together and even married. In general, all well and good, but one day he moves away from you, and you are tormented in thought, why it happened, because you did not done anything wrong. But is it really? Can still something scared you a man?

If you have just recently together, remember what you're talking. Maybe you're too clearly demonstrated their intention to marry, but men are afraid of too much pressure. Still, by their nature they are hunters and miners, and that they should seek you, not vice versa. Or maybe the reason is that you have been too intrusive and zealously showed their concern. Of course, there are the type of men who would like to see next to a woman-hen, but still the majority of the strong half of mankind would regard such behavior as an attack on their freedom. That men would not go for such reasons, try to distract from thoughts that you want to get married, just communicate with him on abstract themes interested in him, he wanted to get you.

At long relationship reasons for leaving men may be others. Loss of common interests, lack of mutual understanding. If this is the problem, you can try to fix it. Try to pay more attention to matters of life and his men spend more time together. Remember how it was good before, try to at least partially reproduce those times. Or maybe you need to sit down and just talk, find out what issues lost understanding, can be a problem, in fact, is not as significant as it seemed before. If you own remedy the situation persists, refer to the family psychologist.

Another reason why men go to women, is its leadership in the family or in making any decisions. Still, almost every man wants to be respected, listened to him, thought he was the head of the family. If a woman takes this role, then sooner or later the man away from her. In this case, try not so clearly demonstrate the advantage is without prejudice to her man. A wise woman can get a man to do so, as it is necessary, not suppressing it and showing their superiority.

Perhaps the man left because he was tired, that you are constantly in a bad mood and carp about, and without it, you often gloomy, discontented expression. Who else is like? Next to a man wants to see a positive, smiling girl. And if you do not want men to throw you, then change yourself. Becoming optimistic, you change not only his personal life, but also achieve success in other areas of life.

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