Lonely and happy? Or self-deception?

Lonely and happy? Or self-deception?
 Fear of being alone in varying degrees, is present in most people on the planet. However, some not so much afraid of the probability to be alone with him, how much social stigma, loss of self-confidence, etc. Can a single woman to be happy - a moot point.
 Interestingly, the young man who has not yet met his half, in terms of stereotypical thinking often justified by society than a woman who "has sat on the shelf." It is believed that man is allowed to marry even after 40 years, because "it is still not developed." But the woman who will marry at this age will be heard in response at best - "well, that you have all finally happened," at worst - "has long been time," etc.

Most often lonely girl suffers from the stereotypes imposed by society, because of which she appeared and their own fears and samoedstvo becomes the norm. But if we discard from a so-called morality, which dictates mom, girlfriends, colleagues, and look at loneliness from a different angle, you can get quite a good picture. The girl was alone, automatically gets a lot of free time, which she did not have before. When to hold his tears flow bothers her, she hides the handkerchief away, tinted lips and tries to arrange their lives in a new way.

She begins to deal with them ("what if right now I will meet her prince?"), It again starts to be interested in the work, and emotional discharge it gets fun. She did not have to think about what to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner, ironed shirt Does that give in-law's birthday, if she could wear a tight skirt, etc. In this there is a definite plus: the girl feels free, self-sufficient, and therefore happy.

And if she's happy, smiling, helpful and charming, around it certainly would appear interesting men, and at one point a vacant place in her heart takes most worthy challenger. Therefore, each representative of the beautiful half of humanity must decide for herself whether she wants to be happy or not, and then - to adhere strictly to its decision.

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