Kama Sutra: the rules and features

Kama Sutra: the rules and features
 Kamasutra - an ancient Indian text, which is devoted to sensual love, sex. This book is about one and a half thousand years ago, but is still a kind of bible of sex.

If you want to learn to practice this ancient but still relevant work, it is necessary to know that the Kama Sutra is reflected idea of ​​physical love as a divine union. The ancient Hindus sex is not censured, in contrast, believes that they need to engage in a meaningful way. This activity did not tolerate careless attitude.

Kama Sutra says that there are 8 different ways of making love, and each includes 8 items. Thus, the book contains 64 sexual positions.

It is worth noting that some of the poses described in ancient writings require a very serious physical training, and need to be careful, trying the most exotic positions. There were cases when, during the detailed practical "study" Kamasutra lovers are seriously injured.

For couples in love, this book can be a source of sexual inspiration and way closer and get to know each other and their own body. The treatise was written in order to learn to enjoy physical love, and it can serve as a guide for enjoyment.

Modern edition of the Kama Sutra mainly focused on those sexual positions that it describes, and provided illustrations. You can follow them, gradually moving from the simple to the more complex, increasing their skills. Most likely, you will experience new sensations unknown, and it is better if your partner in the study of this science will be a pleasant person I love. Then perhaps you will fully experience the "divine beauty" classes.

Most likely, once you try the variety of the proposed item, you stop for a few loved ones, in which your union will be the most harmonious and pleasing to both. But all this love game will not be in vain, because during it you will learn how to be attentive and affectionate to each other. Kama Sutra says that only a mutual desire and passionate movement can bring the greatest pleasure and happiness. It is the art and mystery of the two, which can make love deeper and stronger.

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