How to understand men

How to understand men
 Every woman his notion of an ideal man. For someone it is powerful, strong and brutal. For someone - an intelligent, caring and romantic. Most of these ideas of the stronger sex - the ultimate dream. And the height of perfection, as we know, does not exist. All the fairer sex are trying to learn to distinguish between "showing off" the internal state of a man.
 Often under the guise of tough biker hiding sensitive and vulnerable man. Before proceeding to a closer dialogue, try to wait a little pause. This will help you to move away from the first impression, which is not always correct.

Most often, women are drawn to men with stunning looks, build muscle. Why is this happening? Seeing a young man with a pleasant appearance, many are often automatically dorisovyvayut else, not really understood in man. Remember, most men with perfect appearance have a healthy dose of self-interest with the characteristics of narcissism. A guy can be quite easy to win, gave him a few compliments unbanal.

Surely you have met a man with a charming look that perfectly can make others do what he wants. In dealing with such a person should be careful not always charming appearance means internal openness. He can easily manipulate you. Not to succumb to his influence, enough to maintain firmness and confidence. If you are beaming smile, then you have already fallen under the influence of this man. If charming man asks you for a favor, and you have to perform the request do not want to firmly say "no." Answer: "I would love to help, but ..." - will allow the other person to repeat his request.

The most common type of men is men with ordinary appearance. Here, too, should remain cautious: you probably will not be able to go to understand that such a person's mind. Keep this man at a certain distance.

If a person has some deviations in appearance, it should be borne in mind that when communicating it is likely experiencing an inferiority complex, a kind of alienation. Behave at ease and friendly.

When meeting with a possible chosen to ignore his behavior if he offers his support and help, most likely it is a positive character. But do not forget that some representatives of the strong half of mankind often use good manners for selfish purposes.

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