How to start a conversation with a guy on ICQ

How to start a conversation with a guy on ICQ
 Internet provides an excellent opportunity to communicate with the girl guy without any constraint and fear of being rejected. But breaker in some cases it is necessary to take the first step and the most to make contact with the guy. How to start a conversation with him on ICQ?
 Start a conversation with a greeting. Immediately ask, if he is not busy and can talk to you ("Can you spare me a few minutes?"). If it responded to your greeting, then this is a good sign, and the guy did not like to talk with a new friend.

Come up with a theme in advance, which will begin to talk, otherwise it will end immediately after the greeting. Look at his page in all available social networks to determine, if possible, the range of his interests. It is likely that you will find a common hobby with a guy, and this is, of course, the reason for the call.

Ask the guy what he appreciates the quality of the people, and what traits he likes. But does not specify a question about a female ("What kind of girls do you like?"). This may scare your buddy, because he had no intention to start a romantic relationship with you.

Ask natural questions that need to smoothly flow out of your information or general topics, such as: "Yesterday I watched an interesting movie. Have you seen him? ". Use it answers or statements to continue the conversation. Do not ask too many questions, so that your communication is not turned into an interrogation: "What are you doing? Where were you? "Etc.

Notice how the guy you meet. If a guy responds tersely "yes" or "no", it is better to finish this conversation. Communication must be mutual. Wrong, if you come up with topics and issues, it only responds. For full communion guy must be active in the conversation.

But always can not continue the conversation. Try to finish it first, so as not to seem intrusive. Man thank you for the conversation, write what you liked talking to him. Approval on his part will give you a reason for further talks in ICQ. Or maybe be able to meet in person.

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