How to prove treason

How to prove treason
 The hero of the novel by Guy de Maupassant's "Bel Ami" Georges Duroy divorced his wife after he was able to prove her infidelity in the presence of police and two witnesses. Some countries still have laws similar to those in France. However, in Russia there are no such legal acts, all rests only in the ethical side of the issue.
 Before you start to collect evidence of treason, think: are you sure that you want to know exactly everything. If you are totally dependent on their spouse (wife) in material terms, and, besides, you have kids, it can turn against you. But even if you yourself will be able to fully ensure the confidence of adultery can cause you irreparable psychological trauma. However, uncertainty is sometimes worse.

Imagine what you will be when will know about your family, friends, work colleagues. Will you be the same person and keep calm? After all, in any case, from the sighs and whispers psevdosochuvstvennyh behind you will not be saved. Only the very rich can afford to keep it a secret: the silence of others (and there are always a lot) worth the money.

But if your solution for all, begin collecting evidence. Get Daddy, in which you will collect materials confirming the fact of treason. The main thing that your listings and available documents traced a certain system. So if you see how your other half is flirting with a stranger to you man, this could be a chance meeting former classmates. But if you notice that these meetings always take place in the same time (or in the same day), it's worth thinking about.

Make a detailed schedule of trips your spouse (wife) recently. Have not leave home too often? And with regard to late returns from work should do the same. When viewed in this kind of system (for example, twice a week in the same day your husband / wife does not come home on time), it can serve even if indirectly, but the proof.

If you do not abhorrent to constantly check the phone, personal files, correspondence your second half. Look, if there does not occur too often the same name. Be careful that you are not caught in this hard-hitting task. Make sure that does not reset if your husband (wife) calls with your appearance, do not try to say as quietly as possible.

Inspect casual clothes in his (her) absence. It is possible that you will find there classic circumstantial evidence: hair, lipstick, or smell the perfume of an unknown to you. Check the pockets: whether there are other people's handkerchiefs, zapisochek, you do not understand mascots, etc.

You can organize and active surveillance of her husband (wife) to gather more solid evidence. However, acting on their own, you run the risk of being caught (trapped) with binoculars or a camera in his hand at the most inopportune moment. It is better to contact the detective agency, where appropriate remuneration for you to submit some time photo and video documents confirming the fact of treason. But what to do and how to live with it on, it's already up to you.

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