How to encourage a guy to relations

How to encourage a guy to relations
 Often in large companies heterosexual friends having sympathy and stacked pairs. But the first step from friendship to romance is not always easy. You may long to ponder his words and actions, to use them to show a guy that you like it, and the young man did not take the hint. Each person needs an individual approach, one enough of your sight, and others will require a detailed explanation.
 To go from romantic to friendly relations, need sympathy. It is good that you already have some common ground and common interests, if you are a man were in the same company. You need to be closer to him, to feel the way he reacts to your presence. If it is a friendly pats you on the shoulder and confidently talks about his intrigues, hinting a young man on his feelings meaningless.

But if you notice that he, too, reaches out to you and he likes your presence, you need to proceed. At parties or just when you are in the same room, sit down next to the object of sympathy. Sometimes touch his arm, shoulder or hip. Whisper something in his ear. Man will respond to your touch, smell and speech.

Stop being a "tomboy" and "the guy." Wear feminine clothing to you in any case can not be taken for a sexless creature. If you go hiking, choose flexible open shirts and denim shorts in tight to your forms have been nice to you guys in front of his eyes. Do not be afraid to show his weakness and to ask for his help. "Forget" warm clothes and push him a frozen body of a young man to wrap up his sweater and you will warm the cold palms.

Communicating at work, contact him with difficult questions, please explain the incomprehensible things you. A man loves a woman to take care of, it is nice to feel their strength and intelligence, and the need for courage. It is unlikely that your relationship can only be friendly after all the action!

Of course, there is a particularly impenetrable instances that nothing touches. Carefully and gently talk to him and find out what the girl he likes. Try to be his ideal. But only if you do not have to put on weight by 20 kg or get a haircut at Shinned O'Conor. Maybe the guy just afraid of rejection and does not believe his luck.

Ask in this case to take you home, invite a cup of coffee. Take his hand in his warm palms and recognized in tender feelings. If sympathy is mutual, your relationship will get a new color. If it turns out that he can not answer you the same, do not worry much - but you do not cherish illusions now.

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