How to deal with a pick up artist

How to deal with a pick up artist
 Courses and sites dedicated to the pickup, quite popular among boys (now gaining momentum and female pickup). They teach the rapid and effective seduction. The girls, who are subject to these techniques, manipulation are unpleasant. However, it can not rise to the bait pikapera.
 Inexperienced pikaperov easy to recognize. Often they met in the streets and in the clubs (although this is optional), and the girl, though a little familiar with this area, is able to understand if it used psychological manipulative techniques. Good actors, capable of seamlessly and professionally applied technology pickup, among the male not so much. They give formulaic phrases, tricks and unnatural intonation.

If you're wondering what a phenomenon, just go to any site of the male pickup or read one of the books on the topic. This will allow you to understand what the goals and methods of practice. Most likely, then you will not be difficult to recognize in pikapera new acquaintance.

It should be noted that we should not be afraid of these guys. Some of them - a kind of athletes seeking to seduce as many girls and mark them on his list of victories. They can say whatever you want, but this should not be taken seriously. It makes little sense to communicate with them, because usually they are driven by a sense of insecurity and the desire to make up for it.

Another part of the pick up artist - ordinary guys who decided to learn the skills meet and communicate with the girls, because before they have is not very well succeed. With them it is possible to communicate normally, but, of course, do not let yourself be manipulated.

A good way to counter pick up artist - to use their own method, ie female master pickup. This means learning to communicate effectively with the opposite sex, to understand male psychology. This allows you to get pleasure from dialogue and the relationship to help the events unfold as you want it to be the mistress of her emotions, gently control the situation.

Of the tricks in the women's and men's pickup similar and some different. Explore these methods - not to abuse and manipulate, but rather a means of communication competent on the basis of knowledge of male and female psychology. Whereas its ignorance can lead to misunderstandings and unnecessary resentment.

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