How to be open to men

How to be open to men
 A serious relationship can not be built without mutual trust. Otherwise, the happiness will not be complete - begin to doubt of loyalty, checks and remorse, if the partner would result in "pure." To all of this happened, a girl should think in advance about their behavior - they must be as open as possible in relation to a close person (all the more so to speak only on extraneous topics you will hardly get).
 Feel free to talk about themselves. However, this should be dosed - throw out the man detailed information for the last twenty years of his life is not worth it. Choose the brightest moments, preferably close to him.

Tell funny stories only a little. Your loved one will certainly be interested to know about your family, friends, hobbies, etc. Here information "for export" should be chosen carefully as possible. Fib facts should not be - the deception is revealed sooner or later, and then your credibility may be lost forever.

In our behavior (facial expressions, gestures) can be too much to read. If an episode with your current partner forced you to think about his past life, do not go in with him myself. Phrases such as "passed", "forget", "then we'll talk," "everything is fine, you thought 'cause irritation in men only. Therefore, if you are not able to contain their emotions, do not sit "hunched" in his corner. Much better if you share your thoughts.

If you have something to hide in a mobile phone or a personal page on a social network, do not look back in the presence of a loved one, even furtively. What kind of openness in this case, can we talk? Your partner can head and share yourself such that you never dreamed of, and all because of some bullshit that you somehow feel important and personal.

It is not necessary to hide the names of those who are calling you in the presence of your boyfriend. If you briefly tell who is who, problems with long-distance telephone communication does not arise.

Another way to get closer to the man - do not hide their feelings. Do not hesitate to talk to him about what you think is important, whether the sale at your favorite store, enthusiasm for his gift or sincere opinion about your mutual friends. Communicating specific, intimate partner threads you open your inner world. And depending on how it is attractive, a man will make his conclusion you come to each other or not.

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