How to attract a real man

How to attract a real man
 Men, for which we run, often do not pay absolutely no attention to us. It's not a beautiful appearance and not in success. Simply, we sometimes do not behave the way you want. There are several features in the behavior of women, which will help it get to its "ownership" of virtually any real man. That's the whole secret.

Be available. For the men themselves never run. But do not be too cold, or inadvertently alienate himself from his chosen. Imagine a welcome oasis to which man is slowly but surely moves. If he calls you, do not throw the phone immediately. You can skip a couple of calls and - does not happen do not worry.

Do not run out on a date as soon as he invited you. Think of yourself home (or home) business for a couple of nights next, and then you can and meet. Kindle it burning fire of desire. And may he misses, dreaming to see you - you is just at hand. Can unleash themselves on the mystery without revealing their plans. Just explain that you have a case and you meet him until you can not.

Do not let much on a first date either him or myself. Kissing, do it with restraint and at the same time tempting. Do not let it get you down "paw" and even more so do not go on the first night at his home. Men believe these women are easily accessible and quickly lose all interest in them.

Do not call him first, at least in the beginning of your relationship. Let he wondered how are you doing and experiencing, not you. Do not sit idly by and hypnotizing up the phone. Imagine yourself as a prize, which goes to a worthy.

Show him that you are attractive for other members of the stronger sex. To go beyond, of course, not necessary, but healthy competition will not hurt him, but on the contrary - will help. Your choice should always feel the spirit of competition. Then the long-awaited prize in your face will become even more desirable and sweeter.

Be capricious and demanding. You're a woman and you deserve beautiful courtship, flowers and gifts. And let it fit your requirements to you and your elevation to it "descended".

Be it for a female mystery. Do not rush immediately to tell all about yourself. Men like these ladies. They (men) tend to unravel the mystery. And the more a woman wants to remain a secret, the more a man has a desire to solve it. Rekindle his interest in several phrases like "I do not know what it is - the love" or "I was not able to seduce." And if a man is persistent and confident (namely a "instance" and you need it), then it must wake up the desire to show you the beauty of true feelings, to seduce you and make.

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