"Grinding" in relations

 Loving couple looking at each other through "rose-colored glasses," is natural and understandable. Theoretically, and man and woman understand that elect has flaws, but they seem so insignificant compared to the advantages. Their common future looks bright and serene. The bride and groom are sure that they will have a strong, close-knit family, they love will carry through life. But, alas, some marriages fail in the very first year of marriage.
 Matrimonial alliances disintegrate, as the bride and groom are not ready to clash with reality, infinitely far from theoretical rainbow dreams. To avoid this, young couples need to have patience and wisdom to withstand the most difficult stage, which is called "lapping relations." For the sake of the common good and the husband and wife something to sacrifice, to go to a reasonable compromise, to bear with the shortcomings of their own half.

Ideal people do not. Some habits, attitudes, manners, especially the nature of man, which now have to constantly share the shelter and the bed may seem strange, incomprehensible, even annoying. But it is the man you loved, tied it with his fate. Also, do not forget, and it can irritate your habits, attitudes and manners. So try to immediately make it a rule: do not consider myself the ideal and remodel their partner. In a pinch, you can calmly and politely talk to him openly explain what you bother to ask and make some adjustments to his behavior.

Should not be considered opinion the ultimate truth. Even in those matters in which you are really well versed. After marriage - the art of compromise in everything. Must be seen in their half of the opponent does not, which is necessary in whatever was won over to your side, and a partner who is entitled to their own opinion.

"The truth is born in dispute" - these words are very appropriate in some situations. But, unfortunately, not all the young couple can correctly argue. Very often because of some trifle deployed very real battle. Each of the parties essentially wants the last word for it. And this is a direct path to quarrels, grievances, and eventually divorce. Learn how to assign, recognizing excellence partner in a particular area.

And, of course, in any case can not complain about their relatives. Arbitration courts in family matters are totally unnecessary, they only hurt. From the very beginning of life together must follow the rule: solve their own problems. If the spouses behave exactly the way they are reasonably able to say that grinding in the relationship went well.

Much also depends on the relatives of the newlyweds. They should overcome their natural desire to interfere in their personal life, give endless advice and guidance, as well as try to establish good relations with each other.

Get used to the characters must not only with a loved one, but also with his relatives. To do this, you must understand that people are not perfect, everyone has positive and negative sides. That is why try to close your eyes to the shortcomings. Always look for a compromise and not get involved in the war with relatives and friends of your lover, because "stretched strings" in relations with relatives may have an effect on your personal life.

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