Sex with a stranger

Sex with a stranger
 Sex with a stranger is considered one of the most common fantasies both women and men. Someone is and remains a fantasy, and someone finds an opportunity to realize it. Impressions of those who practiced disposable communication ambiguous, and their range extends from "it's awful" to "trying times, do not stop." So let's look at this kind of sex with different angles and look for the pros and cons.

Let's start with the positive aspects. Sex with a stranger - a great way to relieve stress, relax. If you are tired of the routine, you fell upon the mountain of work, head pressing, problems with a partner or something else - simply can go to a club and retire for a short time with an unknown young man. You do not have to anything to him, you do not have to pretend to not have to pretend you can be yourself. Often it is the psychological comfort and relaxation and help to experience sex with a stranger is much more vivid sensations and get an incredible orgasm.

Another positive quality - no strings attached. You met a good time and left. Very convenient that you do not have to explain anything, make excuses, tell. You can even did not know each other's names. And this may be the most insane and enjoyable adventure of your life. And sometimes people can thus find love.

But let's look at the other side of the coin. What could go wrong? The most harmless, that can happen - it is absolutely uninteresting and bad sex. You and your partner just take the time. Perhaps learn something.

Your one-time partner can be unhealthy. This is the worse. A complete stranger can bestow upon you a whole bunch of sexually transmitted diseases. For a fleeting adventure, you may have to pay dearly: money, health, or no matter how sad life. In order to somehow protect themselves from such a reckoning, always use barrier contraception. But, unfortunately, condoms can not protect against everything. Keep this in mind.

Illness partner may be not only physical but also psychological in nature. You can amass a big problem in the form of a fan stalking you. There have been many stories where the random partner starts stalking and keep up with their victims for many years. So before you engage in sexual intercourse with a stranger, think carefully about how you are sure that everything will be fine. Assess the possible risks. If you are satisfied, forward to the adventure. If in doubt - stop: perhaps a risk - not your occupation.

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