As discreetly control man

As discreetly control man
 Well-built relationship with a beloved man - is the goal sought by most modern women. Often, however, the pair parted due to the fact that the woman, according to men, goes too far in their desire to be always and everywhere with him. He bored her repeated requests and whims, wants to be alone and relax a bit. To avoid such consequences, it is important to learn how to manipulate a man quietly to himself.
 There are a few rules to follow that you will always be able to get the man what you will, and it is completely unbeknownst to him.

You - a woman and a sin not to use it. Men always want to look protectors and helpers, considering himself the stronger sex. Use this, and come to your aid and fulfill your request will be pleasing to the opposite sex.

That the man could not refuse you, you must be his desired. This applies to those cases where you want to achieve something from a friend or acquaintance. It is not necessary to understand all too literally and behave provocatively. Flirtation beautiful clothes, maybe a few "accidental" touches his arm or shoulder - and now he was ready to do anything just to be near you.

Man does not like to encroach on his freedom. Women often various household duties requests and perceived it as a threat to their freedom. In such situations, you need to act cleverly.

Firstly, if you want to ask something, do not use the imperative mood in their proposals and veils request. For example, you want to ask him to go to the store. Needless to say, "Go for the food," it can cause negative emotions in men. It is better to gently suggest to him, saying casually: "I have so much to do here in the shop has got to go, I really forgot about it." This man wants to immediately alleviate the plight of his beloved and come to your aid.

Secondly, do not push hard ultimatums better to invent a pleasant alternative. For example, he's going to spend the evening with friends, and you do not want to let him go. It is not necessary to shout: "Choose or I, or they." Probably thrown into a fit of rage answer your partner you will not be happy. It is better to say so, "Sure, go. Only here it is a pity that the plans will have to move, I wanted to please you, and prepared a little surprise. " Intrigued, the man did not want to upset you and left. Only you have to quickly figure out what kind of surprise you prepared - a campaign for the premiere of the new movie, which he wanted to see, dinner at a restaurant or something else.

Third, take the right man to help you to solve. For example, he calls you a barbecue with your friends, and you do not want to go there. Needless to say it right. Answer: "A good idea, but that's a pity the weather is getting worse and worse and passed rains ..." or come up with something else that could spoil his mood a little bit and suppress the urge to go to friends.

Do not forget that you are a representative of the fairer sex. Ask for help and do not hesitate to it, you're just a woman, and he - a real man. Link to ailments in women such situations happen often. Use your appeal and his warm attitude to you and never give him their secrets - a woman should be a mystery.

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