8 qualities that are most annoying men in girls

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 Men - from Mars and women - from Venus. In other words, a very difficult task for any of the sexes - to understand fully mate. Especially in relationships. And all because each person is unique in their own way, but the members of a particular sex is still endowed with some common features that allows them to "throw" on one planet. Sometimes the behavior of women can cause not only confusion among men, but even irritation. So, the top 8 female qualities that cause irritation in men.  

Numerous studies and surveys have shown among men: 8 can distinguish the basic things most strongly irritating men in the behavior of women.

1. A woman uses sex as a weapon, a means of influencing or even pretends to be chaste.

Manipulating the sex, the woman the man imposes his superiority. Sex as a weapon used by the ladies constantly: that they have a headache, there is no mood, she does is immaculate and untouched virgin. Of course, with the help of sex can be achieved by a lot of men, however, and you can lose a lot more, in particular, the most valuable - respect and love of man.

2. A woman intrudes into their personal space man, trying to control it and redo it.

Women tend to keep everything under control, including your soulmate. It is in their nature to the level of instincts: that the house was always clean, linen - laundered, food - on the table, the children - healthy, and her husband ... In other words, if a woman for the hundredth time checks her cell phone a man - it can cause not only irritation, and righteous anger.

3. Too emotional, and sometimes hysterical behavior of women.

Women tend to take everything too seriously, whether a movie with a sad ending, broken heel, a lonely puppy to stop. A woman can sobbed in frustration day and night. At the same time the men, of course, have to take on the role of a handkerchief, which they usually can not stand. In general, sensitive men quite a bit, but the sensitive female lead in confusion and cause a feeling of confusion and bewilderment.

4. Woman criticizing other women look poisonous and incomprehensible.

Men wonder why a woman is not able to compliment the opponent. Especially if the opponent - former girlfriend or colleague of the man. Nice-looking lady able to wash each other bones, to discuss "behind his back" and, of course, mercilessly throw mud. And all because they are afraid to draw attention to their male over this very attractive and sexy female.

5. Women's jealousy - akin to madness.

Sometimes even the mention of someone's female name leads to devastating consequences. After all, a loving woman can doubt at all, and in all things, especially in men's faithfulness. And what could be a married man's girlfriend when she was there, the one and only? One that even at the sight of the passing girls are not just internally tense and ready to grab her in the face for a fleeting glance in his direction. Such paranoia may be justified only if the man really gives reason to doubt his loyalty.

6. A woman endlessly run to the shops, looks demonic possession in the eyes of men.

According to men when it comes to shopping, women lack the 24 hours in the day to watch and re-measure of all things boutiques. In this case, women do not feel tired and do not see the monotony of endless shelves and cabinets with similar handbags, jackets and shoes. The worst thing for a man - if a woman on shopping took it with me!

7. The constant chatter of women can lead to mental disorders in men.

Many men for himself for a long time made it a rule not to ask a polite question, "How are you? "None of the women. Otherwise, it may result in a 2-hour bravado all her purchases, meetings, activities, friends and girlfriends and so on. In this case, women tend to not just endlessly talk, but talk on the phone at the same time to communicate with friends in a cafe and meet the saleswoman at the store about fashion trends of the season.

8. If a woman is seriously very hard and made friends with the mother of his men - expect trouble.

Such a friendly woman who managed to win the heart of a mother impregnable elect, can move mountains. And it is exactly what you can expect from it - so it's a formal proposal of marriage, and sounded not only from her lovely mouth, but also edifying speeches with his mother. Maybe she and the truth is the best option for a man, and a good friendship is better than any "cold war", but here there is an entirely different question: whether it is not trying to force the issue? However, if a girl dreams, then why not give in to the entreaties of my mother. In the end, all will benefit - a man appears ideal husband, and my mother - the best friend in the world.

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