5 Ways nice to say about love

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 Girls from an early age dream of eternal love, a happy marriage and a beautiful declaration of love. Certainly, many of them want to be a man stood in front of them on one knee and held out a box with a wedding ring. Recently, however, the boys became very hesitant, forcing the girls to take the first step.
 If you want to admit the guy in love, but do not dare to say the words first, go to the nice trick and just show him your feelings. There are several ways, each of which can choose the one that suits her.

Recently lovers are increasingly began to use advertising to make a declaration of love. For example, you can order a billboard or a banner with a picture or inscription.

Surely, your boyfriend will be amazed tactile declaration of love. To implement his plan, think ahead. In particular, prepare the bed with beautiful linen, massage oil, arrange the candles around the room, etc. In this atmosphere of erotic caress the beloved body, bringing his fingers hearts. So you are not saying a word, give a man to understand that they are willing to go further in your relationship.

If you have repeatedly breaks to reveal his beloved heart, but every time I open my mouth, could not cope with his fear, ask for help from old-fashioned way ... writing. Write to her boyfriend all about what you think or dream. Reading recognition in silence at home, he will be able to experience not only the power of your life, but also his love. So it is not surprising if after a few minutes it will be a quick step guide towards your home with a huge bouquet of flowers and a happy smile on his face.

Particularly daring girls can confess his love to the whole country. To do this, find out what station often listens to your favorite way to work. At this point, try to get through to them and explain the situation. In most cases, presenters will gladly agree to allocate love a few minutes of airtime. So you will be able to talk about their feelings, without revealing the secret of his chosen name. But he only knows that so long to keep your heart.

And finally, as you may make recognition small souvenir in the form of heart. Not necessarily wait for the holidays to teach her boyfriend this sweet little thing. In this case, you do not have to say not a word, because, looking into your eyes, man will understand everything ...

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