5 Reasons unrequited love

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 Love is perceived as pleasant, sublime, fills life with meaning and feeling very promising. But throwing pastel pictures aside, try to take a sober look at this concept. Love is not as good as people talk about it. Sometimes she brings pain, suffering, bitterness, frustration and unhappiness solid. What is the hidden meaning and the reasons for unrequited love?

Psychologists are five main reasons for that are the basis for unrequited love:

1. Unhappy love for another - it claims the substitution of love to his love.

Original attempt to fill the void oblige partner from a lack of other relations. Often people are confused, waiting and even requiring another person to make yourself happy. The most tragic in the case of this unhappy love - beg, buy, beg, forcing the object of interest in a mutual feeling. Thus crossed lovers (as he thinks of himself) not only will not achieve love, respect and understanding, but also provoke the final break. And this vital law: an obsession, an obsession and blindness master soul only because of the paucity of her real life.

2. Unhappy love - a common physiological hunger, lust, need to be with someone.

Men and women have a sense of inferiority, when their life is not a pair of the opposite sex. Fear of loneliness, the constant search to satisfy their sexual needs, the pressure of society provoking relationship with the first comer. Often it is something and not deliver the internal comfort, calm and does not lead to a happy love. Should honestly admit to yourself how the desire to love due to internal needs and how it is caused by pointer and pressure surrounding society. Such relationships, bringing extremely unhappy love (or substitution), you should immediately break to move on.

3. Unhappy love to children's developing scenarios.

Man, against their will, chooses a mate, in whose company he may play the same role, which took on a child. If in the immediate vicinity there were no examples of normal, full-fledged relations between opposite sexes, the more difficult they will be to build. Psychologists say that love can be repeated cyclically according to the same scenario that develops into a mental illness called unhappy love.

4. Unhappy love that really is love.

Fixated on themselves and feeding him only love is doomed to self-destruction. Love - is a deep sense, not naked passion between two people. Love as far and inferiority in comparison with genuine love. However, at the stage of infatuation, love a person feels a sense of recovery, permanent-magnet. But this stage passes quickly, the average for 3-12 months. And if at that time it was not possible to build a deeper relationship based on trust, understanding, family values, that feeling taken for love, comes to naught. And, as a consequence, turns into unrequited love.

5. unrequited love as banal bad luck.

Included are all the reasons that have no logical explanation. This is a common set of circumstances, fate or destiny imperative stars as peculiar to explain its state-crossed lovers. In any case, love has always been and remains a mystery that can not be reasonably explained and sort through. We can only hope that the next time definitely lucky to meet a happy love.

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