Women's hysterical or what have sex

Women's hysterical or what have sex
 Hysterical, as a manifestation of the accumulated emotions, known since ancient times. This phenomenon is described by Hippocrates. There was this term from the Greek "hystera", which translated is "queen." Often also called hysteria "Female hysteria." Originally, scientists assumed that tantrums are peculiar only to women, as the uterus travels through the body, which causes emotional attacks. However, the survey found that men may also be subject to a surge of emotion. True 10-hysterical women found only one man violently to show their emotions. However, hysteria in men are much heavier than the fairer sex.

Hysterical subject to certain personality types. They are very easy to identify. Ever since childhood, people with a hysterical personality used to all be addressed through bursts of emotion and tears.

Another type of temperament - psychasthenic, on the contrary, to a certain time constrains in all the emotions. Sometimes, however, lacks a little push, so they still broke out. The cause of hysteria can serve not washed dishes and even any thoughtless utterance.

Often, such manifestations occur in women during pregnancy or menopause. In most cases, a surge of emotion affects hormones, which is during these periods of time begins to rebuild or change.

Sometimes a tantrum can cause lack of sex or no sex life. Often, it can be seen that a single woman can not control your emotions, and irritated at the slightest provocation. Some psychologists do not see the reason for this is the lack of intimacy. Rather, it is due to the fact that a woman feels lonely and forgotten.

The lack of warmth and affection, as well as your loved one makes women more vulnerable to negative emotions. This may appear even if there is a partner, but the relationship in a pair are not trusted.

The only solution in this situation may be to find favorite hobbies. This will help you relax and feel the support of like-minded people. In addition, it is desirable to have a pet, you can give all the love and warmth.

Scientists advise not restrain their emotions, and find them to discharge. Otherwise, the explosion is almost inevitable. In addition, the cost to remember that there is a mental disease called "hysteria". It occurs in only 8 percent of the population, but may well develop in people who are in constant depression or stress.

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