Why Kissing blind eye

Why Kissing blind eye
 Classic melodrama always end the same way. Lovely couple merged in a kiss, bodies pressed together and his eyes closed. What lovers love kissing, it is quite natural. And that is why they prefer to close their eyes when kissing, it is not clear. After all, the person whom you love, you want to enjoy as much as possible. Psychologists and scientists have an opinion on this matter.
 Strengthen fun

When a person is deprived of any one sense organ, the others begin to work in a dual effect. Widely known for a long time and explained the facts when blind people become great musicians or composers. And even if the visually impaired is not interested in creativity, his sense of smell, hearing and touch are much sharper than the average person. When the Kissing close their eyes, their feelings and aggravated. The body itself eliminates potential obstacles to enjoyment.

Fully trust

A woman closes her eyes while kissing more often than men. Thus she unconsciously tries to show him that feels complete confidence. The instinct of self-preservation at this point it is not needed. But authoritarian and self-confident men, and sometimes women, often kissing with your eyes open. So people need in any situation to monitor the situation and respond quickly to the slightest change in her.

Hide his embarrassment

According to some scholars, kissing close their eyes so as not to embarrass partner. In this case, the "blame" human modesty and desire to liberate partner. After all, he does not need to control the reflection of his emotions on his face when no one sees.

Disconnect from reality

Psychologists believe that with my eyes closed kiss romantic and emotional nature. These people love to have fun here and now, apart from the fact, and is carried away in a world of dreams and pleasures. Relationship with the person who does not hold back their emotions, can be bright and unforgettable. But unfortunately, these are often fickle nature.

By and large, is not so important who like kisses. The main thing that kisses brought pleasure and enjoyment to both actors.

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