The mystery of erotic dinner

The mystery of erotic dinner
 Erotic dinner - a win-win for kindling passion. And when the relationship is in its infancy, and if you have already moved into the quiet stage, this kind of pastime is able to open a couple of new faces its own sensuality.

The most important thing in preparing erotic dinner - creating the right atmosphere. The kitchen is not very suitable for this purpose. It is best to bring in a living room or bedroom a small table. You can sit on the floor, soft cushions. The light should be muted. Best of all, this effect will provide the spark. Just do not forget about safety. Be sure to install them in beautiful candlesticks and do not place near flammable items. No harm will be put next to the table aromolampu with drops of sandalwood oil, sage, rose, jasmine and vanilla. These scents cause a rush of blood to the genitals, increasing sexual desire.

 Next - the menu. Better to buy the ingredients in advance. For a romantic dinner need natural aphrodisiacs - celery, seafood, nuts, eggs, honey, mushrooms, ginger. Adding them to the main courses, you can get an excellent tool to improve the potency and increase libido. However, it is not necessary to prepare a large amount of fat, heavy meals. A romantic dinner should be light, since the food - it is not important, what man and woman met at the same table.

 Arranging intimate meeting, do not forget about romantic music. Find the entry of Italian singers - Adriano Celentano, Enrico Caruso and others. Their sensual voice enveloping and harmonious melodies help to tune in the desired fashion.

 All the problems this evening should be left beyond the threshold of the house. Today, there are only he, she and a huge universe with myriads of stars. Throw away all but the sensations that are here and now. Surrender with emotion. Forget modesty and bashfulness, open your loved one. Under the influence of the situation sensuality shine with new faces, to show the ancient, hidden deep inside instincts.

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