The main causes of female infidelity

The main causes of female infidelity
 Each of the couples entering into marriage, cherishes the hope that their marriage will last forever - "till death do us part." And if the main reason for cheating husband often called his polygamous, the main causes of female adultery is much more difficult. For what reasons quite well in the family women are beginning to look for love on the side?

The most common reason to change Russian women - the jammed life. Wife both want at least temporarily forget about the disorder and feel desired, it may be in bed with the first comer. The next day is usually returned to their seats, and that either all ends, or there is a strong love triangle.

As strange as it sounds, but women as well as men, are prone to collecting. In a situation where the marriage took place not for love but for the calculation, the constant campaign wife "left" for the sake of entertainment is quite natural. She will not consider such treason something reprehensible, tormented by guilt. In the narrow circle of women's thirsty person can paint in the colors of their regular sexual passion, but let it return to the unloved, but her husband. Until next time ...

Another category izmenschitsa - women perceive sex as a sport. In this case, the wife to the husband usually feels very warm feeling. But for sexual satisfaction comes to the side. The reasons for this behavior can be set. One of them - a big age difference between spouses. Or male disease. Or the habit of a wide variety of sexual partners, established before marriage. In case of a break with her husband, izmenschitsa will very much experience, but to change their behavior can not.

Very rare in the current situation, when a woman marries a first sexual partner. But then his wife, sooner or later you may want to try how it is with another man. This is especially true against the backdrop of a family crisis. Izmena in this case may have three continue. The first - a woman walk up, it will have a sense of guilt towards her husband, and she will continue to live in peace with him, becoming more lenient to the shortcomings. Second - she finds a better option and divorces. And the third option - the husband finds out about the adventures of his wife and he dumped her.

Another reason betrayal - seduction. To persuade the majority of women to change not so difficult. Especially if you will fall a true professional in this business. Unable to resist the "forbidden fruit" and go on about the instincts, the wife often tormented by remorse and confessed to her husband.

The last reason is quite capable of betrayal and become the cause of the collapse of the family. This - arose love to another person. Here it is not just about attraction and a serious sense. And change this situation can be considered only in part.

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