Taboo subjects with the man of your dreams

Taboo subjects with the man of your dreams
 You can not underestimate the importance of words. Sometimes inadvertently spoken phrase can lead to serious quarrel or even a break with your loved one. To avoid this, it is not necessary to discuss with the man you want to see your partner in life, following taboo subjects.

Disadvantages of his relatives

Never criticize a family man she loved, especially his mother. Regardless of the personal qualities of the future mother in law, she will always have a life of your beloved a special place. However, criticism of any of the relatives could harm relations. A man may decide that if today you are hostile to his family, tomorrow, this hostility may be extended to him.

Former men

The ban gets all information relating to former boyfriends: their financial situation, career success, personal character traits, etc. Any talk about the past, men, at least, will be unpleasant to your current lover, and at best, cause on his part jealousy and suspicion. But most importantly, what we can not say the man - it is the behavior of former lovers in bed and your opinion about his sexual abilities in comparison with the abilities of his predecessors.

Flaws of his appearance

Needless to say the man that you find it, for example, too skinny, or vice versa, plump. Put yourself in his place - you would not have rejoiced comments about your appearance (for example, that you have bad skin or cellulite).

Women's clothes

Underwear, diet, hiking in the beauty salons, the vicissitudes of personal lives of your friends, etc. - All this is unlikely to be interested in men. To understand his reaction, imagine that favorite began to tell you the details of yesterday's football match. So purely women's issues are better discussed only with friends.

Your success in men

A taboo subject with a man is also your demand from the rest of the stronger sex. Even if you actually use such a resounding success in men, too brag about it in front of his beloved. The only thing that will like bragging, it's jealousy on his part.

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