How to survive treason Man

How to survive treason Man
 So, you know about the change. No matter how - maybe you helped well-wishers, and maybe you are a casual witness. Sensations that occur at this point, to say the least, not to be envied - the familiar world is crumbling, it seems that the earth floats away from under their feet.
 Life after infidelity is. Only need to really try to make it once again became as bright, rich and interesting as ever. To begin, make sure the change that you did not have any clues - and suddenly it was a mistake, because the favorite (and it seemed that loving) guy could not you do so. Talk to him. Yes, it will be a difficult conversation. But from now on will begin your new life - a life without him.

Allow yourself enough to cry. You need to throw out the emotions, and only then think about how to live. If possible, sit a couple of days at home (take time off from work, school). Call to visit a close friend or a friend - they will comfort you, and your soul will grow easier.

Destroy everything that reminds you of a former boyfriend. Photos, gifts and cute trinkets, phone numbers, mutual friends and acquaintances. All tear, burn or throw in the trash.

Think of yourself tradition - now is the day of your personal holiday break. For example, you broke up on March 12th. Now every month the twelfth pours himself a glass of wine or go with friends in a cafe. Mark for themselves - that's another month you could live without it.

Take care of your appearance. Go to the barber shop, make a new haircut or hair color to another color. Buy a new cosmetics, clothing, change the style. It really is very good. Learn to live for themselves, but not for him.

Do not pay attention to well-wishers and friends in common, his friends, and then appeared on the horizon with stories about how Elijah (John, Nick, Pete) is happy with his new girlfriend. Do not show them that you is somehow worried. Quietly listen, smile and say that it is very happy for him, and then turn the conversation in another direction.

Over the weekend, try to go to movies, theaters, cafes or just walking down the street alone or with friends. Soon you will find a new love, which will help you forget about the ex-boyfriend and completely delete it from your life.

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