How to return a man

How to return a man
 "Lovely curse - just amuse! "Alas, this does not always correspond to reality saying. Sometimes quarrel arose because of trifles, develops into a full-blown scandal with the transition to the individual. And now, beloved man hurriedly collects things and slams the door. Until shocked woman comes very unpleasant truth: it is dropped! It is clear that in such a situation, it is hardly able to calmly and adequately assess reality. But after a while, when the most severe pain subsides, she has to decide how to proceed?
 First of all, we have the most truthfully, frankly answer the main question: whether she wants to return to a man if she loved him still? If yes, then the woman should act.

With the same maximum possible objective, impartial analysis of their behavior. After all, not on an empty place there was a gap. Indeed, because of something that ridiculous quarrel began, which also can be stopped until it turned into a scandal.

Very rarely happens that a quarrel blame only one side. Woman certainly remembered some things do not speak in its favor. Of these, it is necessary to make serious conclusions, not to repeat such mistakes in the future.

In no case do not try to immediately reconcile with a man. Especially when in the heat of scandal couple talked a lot to each other hurtful and unfair words. Firstly, it should also be given time to calm down, "cool." Second, the main task of women - to convince the man that she had changed and learned the proper lesson from the incident. And for that, she really needed to change - not only internally, but, if necessary, and externally, that is to radically change its image.

A woman should raise the self-esteem, become more attractive in their own eyes and in the eyes of men. She needs to learn how to literally "radiate" positive aura that people were drawn to it that they were nice and comfortable in her company. It is sometimes difficult, but absolutely necessary.

If possible, it is necessary to change the situation, at least for a short time to go somewhere. Ideally - the resort where you can make a fleeting nor noncommittal affair. Moreover, it is not necessary that it came to sex. For women, the main thing - to feel that she has again become attractive, men care, can turn a head to them. It would be nice to make new, original hairstyle, update your wardrobe, find yourself an interesting hobby. All this will contribute to the growth and self-esteem, and getting positive emotions.

And when the woman herself realizes that in the full sense of the ready to resume relations with his former lover, it is necessary to find a suitable reason for the meeting. And then everything depends on it.

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