How to provide certainty in the relationship

How to make a determination in respect of
 Many women often choose to ignore the elect, not paying him enough attention. How do you build stronger relationships that they remain the same even after many years?  

Once you've started dating, it is very easy to decide to put in the first place love and devote themselves to each other. And it's really true, because it is important to be able to just be a good and loving couple.

Many are looking for a universal formula of happy relationship, which, unfortunately, does not exist. Every pair should create its formula and stick under any circumstances. Here are some "elements" that you can include in your formula and build on its basis a happy marriage.

Start your every meeting with a kiss, talk on the phone at least once during the working day.

Create your daily ritual. Find ways through which you can every day to express your love. Such small but significant rituals help strengthen relationships and overcome any misunderstandings in them.

Do not avoid the word apology. In relationships it is impossible to get anything through mere stubbornness. Most likely, you often have to apologize. Sometimes the word "sorry" has the same power as the words "I love you."

Remember the most beautiful moments of your life together. For example, from time to time opens the album with photos from your first tour together.

Openly express their wishes and expectations. Say what you want out of life in general and what to expect from your partner. If you have higher requirements, your partner needs to know about it. No one can read minds. If you want to spend more time career, or if you need more romance, you need to say it openly. Hiding the real needs and desires can only lead to frustration, which in any case will affect your relationship. You have to move toward a common goal.

Add romance. When you have a permanent business, even small, very difficult to find time to go together on a romantic date. But it is especially important for the relationship. Go for a walk, to the movies or out to dinner at a restaurant at least once a week. If you are unable to leave home, enjoy a romantic dinner for two in the late evening.

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