How to keep the interest of men to himself

How to keep the interest of men to himself
 Attract the attention of men at one time is much easier than to maintain his interest to your person for a long time. What is the secret of success of those women, next to which for many years are loving their representatives of the stronger sex?
 However many years turned your man, remember that in his heart he will always be a naughty boy, tending to an exciting adventure. That is why right, those women who do not give to the young man bored in a relationship. To do this, you should approach your union creatively and wisely.

Most importantly, do not cease to surprise your loved one in a stream of gray everyday life. Organize for a variety of surprises that will not allow him to be satiated everyday. But in any case, do not get him to read the book. Remember that a true woman should always be mysterious and unpredictable, and slightly adventurous. Naturally, bring novelty into your relationship should be such that it does not touch the basic life values ​​and priorities, and not undermined his faith in the stability of your future together. For the rest, you provided a huge field for creativity.

To save a man's interest in himself, regularly change the image. Experiment with new hairstyles, try to dress up in different styles, from time to time to make a new makeup. Get to know new hobby. Day after day your loved one should get acquainted with the unknown facets of your character. Just so you can regularly hit his imagination and make him fall in love with you over and over again.

Do not forget to add diversity in your sex life. If the execution of conjugal duty regularly starts to flow the same type of scenario, it is possible that your man will soon be in a strange bed. In short, try to do everything possible to ensure that your every day jointly organized was not a full copy of the previous one. But do not forget about the existence of a reasonable harmony, avoid extremes in behavior. Not every man is able to enjoy life on a volcano.

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