How to improve the relationship with your loved one

How to improve the relationship with your loved one
 In life everything happens. More recently, between a man and a woman was a strong love and mutual understanding, and then due to start somewhere misunderstandings and quarrels. Partners are increasingly resent each other, express claims even reproaches: "You do not love me! "This is a sure sign that it is necessary to take urgent measures to improve relations, otherwise the case could end up breaking.
 First of all it is necessary to speak calmly and reasonably, to explain. Initiative can take a guy and a girl. Reassure the partner that you are very upset about your TIFF and want to understand what it is, to correct the situation. Ask him to explain that it is not satisfied, confused in your relationship. Keep the conversation tactfully, politely. The main thing that people did not feel the accused, from which self-explanatory and repentance, because then your conversation probably end even stronger arguments.

Should refrain from categorical peremptory tone of snide remarks and accusations. Especially not reject "a threshold" criticism, which you can hear in his address. It is better to try to think: what caused it? Maybe you really did not behave in the best way?

Try to treat more severely to yourself and to your loved indulgent. Do not try to alter it, breaking character. If you love a person, you have to take it for what it is. Of course, all people have flaws, and some habits, behaviors can really strain your partner. But you can not make fun of them, but even more so, to require rejection of them in a harsh, categorical form. You can always negotiate, to find some mutually acceptable compromise if behave sensibly and tactfully. Do not impose their tastes, opinions, even if they seem to you the most correct. After all, as the proverb says, "The taste and color of comrades not."

Often remind yourself that this is what the person you loved, came to the conclusion that he is the best. Yes, the same ardor anymore. Your relationship, quite naturally, became more restrained. But do those same qualities for which you once loved partner disappeared? If desired, you again make out them without difficulty.

Do not skimp on the good words on the signs of attention. Praise partner (because surely there is for that). Try to keep you came warm, welcoming aura. And the results were not long in coming - your relationship will improve.

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