How about a gift hint man

How about a gift hint man
 Gifts - a little joys of life. Especially nice when she gets them from loving her man. However, it happens that I want something to please yourself, but beloved in no hurry to do it. In this case, you can enroll in cunning.
 Even if you no longer receive gifts, do not just throw a tantrum. Better yet understand why a man does not make any favors. Probably, he is currently financial trouble, so long as there is no way something you indulge. It also happens that a man often gives gifts first, but then for some time does "break". In this case, do not be capricious. Perhaps it will make you a surprise in the near future.

There are other, more serious causes of what you do without tokens. It is likely that a man feels to you cooled off, and he does not care what you think of it. Usually this is obvious, since the relationship is lost all the romance. In such a situation it is necessary to talk to the man, to solve the problem of understanding, and only then think about the signs of attention, which he must have you.

If a relationship is all right, and you see that your lover is clearly greedy and does not spoil you, we can take the initiative in their hands. Meet men from work, while looking at his ingratiating look like something expected of him. If there are no characters in the response is not forthcoming, you can pull your lips and briefly look away. The man will ask what happened. Do not talk about your desires, let him guess what it is, and then we just will not forget their little charges.

Leave a prominent place directory with gifts or just things that you like. Your choice will notice it and read it, understand your desires. Sometimes girls do not apply too much about what they are interested in, and many half-hearted men are simply afraid to give "something that is not so."

Watched the shop windows or linger a while with them, when you go with its strong half the street. Sometimes you can behave a little cranky, taking the man's hand and said, "present I want" or "darling, I want you to do me something nice." Finally, do not forget to provide your beloved little attentions. He just can not stay away and be sure to give you something in return.

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