Frequent quarrels - Causes of sexual Cooling

Frequent quarrels - Causes of sexual Cooling
 Safe for intimate life largely determines our success in life. If the person is fully satisfied his personal life, it means that he is calm and can concentrate on other affairs, including their sex life. Frequent conflicts, troubles at work, in your personal life push sex into the background, there is some cooling between the partners.

The relationship between a man and a woman are based on trust, love, respect and understanding. But it is worth all of a sudden happen quarrel, which also has a tendency to repeat, that somewhere there is a strong chance irritability, aggression, unwillingness to be with a partner, including to have intimacy with him. This situation leads to either break or to change, and a favorable outcome for this pair is quite illusory. Typically, in such a situation come young, inexperienced couples or, conversely, a family with lots of experience. You can avoid this situation, the main thing - to find the cause of its occurrence.

Any dispute can always be transformed into a peaceful course, it is only necessary to have a mutual desire to understand the problem and solve it. If the cause of your quarrel - a relationship that started fresh, commonplace and no longer give birth to as much as before, it is worth trying is what before in your intimate life was not. Today, the sex industry is ready to offer a huge selection of accessories, toys, clothes, exciting gels and perfumes that can bring your sexual relationship to a new level.

Do not underestimate the time when cooling is only just begun. After any quarrel want to be alone with yourself, but this is what could be the impetus to make peace, to have sex in an unusual place for you, time, or in an unusual position. At this point, the main thing is not to withdraw into themselves, and it is best to share my thoughts with your partner. Joint search for solutions will help you not to pull away from each other, not to hoard resentment about the non-partner in your problems. Thus, you can avoid sexual cooling and loss of confidence.

After a quarrel should not hurry, allow to cool and partner, if he is ready to make contact, you must use this desire. Gradually, you will learn how to cope with their emotions, talk and discuss problems. As a result, the voltage will drop between you and a sexual relationship again will enter the former, and perhaps in a new direction. Harmony in the intimate sphere will always have a positive effect on the rest of your life. This happiness, which will illuminate the eyes, and peace, and that important feeling when you know that your significant other is always willing to you.

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