Discussions in bed

Discussions in bed
 Is it appropriate to talk in bed? Many people, especially women, in our country believe that talking in bed do not need and do not well, that lovers should understand each other without words. Some believe that what the word during sex may be incorrectly perceived partner, he will think that you doubt him as a lover, so give advice. In fact, everything is absolutely not true. Moreover, the talk in bed can make your sex life more colorful and interesting.

Many psychologists believe that talking in bed can strengthen relationships and diversify sex life. After all, during lovemaking are important not only touch, affection, tenderness, but also emotions and feelings. And sometimes it is best to allow the words to express them. At such moments, the pair becomes the closest to each other. But the lovers who stubbornly silent during sex, relationships are not as trusting, because there is an emotional component that arises during a conversation.

But communication communication strife. With words alone can ignite serious passions, while others are able to kill any desire. For example, obviously does not want to partner with you to make love, if in the midst of the process, you start talking about some domestic affairs, plans for the future. Such conversations are best left for another moment. But to express my admiration for your wife or husband, to tell you his (her) love is possible and even necessary.

You can also send words of his partner. Many women are embarrassed to say something like "Deeper! Faster! "Or" Slower! "" More! ". And for good reason. With the help of such phrases can make it clear to your loved one as you like, you is more fun. Furthermore, use of these words may be very start man. In the same manner, you can speak out if your partner's actions deliver your discomfort.

Spoken words during sex can give your lover to understand that you trust him, and therefore conducts itself openly, without embarrassment, that you at this moment no less excited him. And for you sex is not just kind of boring duty. You will also enjoy the proximity of their man as he is you. A man who loves his woman will appreciate such behavior.

Women are more like to be a man admires them in bed, making them compliments, said that she was the most beautiful and the best. Girls are more emotional creatures, so to hear such words they will be very, very nice.

But to criticize a partner or give extensive advice, make comments on the actions of its second half completely unnecessary. This may hurt a man, spoil relations. It is also important, what tone you pronounce the word. You can do it gently, put in a word all the passion and desire, and we can talk indifferent tone, or even a team. In the latter cases, whatever meaning is not carrying your speech, cause a surge of additional arousal and desire she could not.

Discussions in bed not only help diversify sex life, but also to get to know your partner. If you talk during sex, it will soon notice that began to better understand each other, learn to bring yourself and your partner more satisfying. And gradually the conversation becomes simply an additional attribute your love life, and not as a means of understanding each other.

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