Can, but do not want

Can, but do not want
 How often have to deal with the difficulties of the current time, disabilities and the different nature of obstacles to the development of their own abilities. But even more serious concern is, unfortunately, a rather broad category of the population whose desires and aspirations for a better long faded away and buried under a heap of usual laziness and every banal excuses.

Indeed, the most common excuse for inaction today is notorious crisis, suddenly comprehended almost all aspects of business. But, paradoxically, it is this sad situation and became a kind of "salvation" for those who are unable to move forward because of its own inertia. And the question here is not about the objective reasons for the lack of opportunities, such as birth injury or ill-health, and a banal unwillingness to do anything for their own benefit or the benefit of his family.

Mass manifestation of this situation every day more and more reveals its ugliness and unnatural, because a person must be characterized by the development and self-improvement, work on yourself, strengthening and expansion of knowledge. Hardly a person with a capital of an individual who has all the features and prerequisites for promotion, but deliberately ignores them, for many years in a state of stagnation and idleness. Go with the flow of life, relying only on their own physiological needs and voice cursing difficult times, it is difficult to remain human in the fullest sense of the word proud.

And one can not ignore the unfortunate fact that the habit of consumer and supine attitude to life slowly, but fast enough and goes on family relationships. Lack of initiative in the service aspect of the husband automatically transfers its pathological lethargy and domestic economic issues, and, of course, on his intimate life. His nasty human nature laziness becomes the slogan under which will be held for the rest of his life, colorless, and woe woman will not accept this unattractive tendency at the earliest stages. Otherwise, it risks becoming the sole and loaded to the limit on household chores and service engine family. And her desperate question of why a man can, but do not want to be strong and assertive, successful and promising, is usually unanswered.

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