As part with selfish

As part with selfish
 If your loved one turned out to be selfish, to tolerate his narcissism and focus only on his person no more strength, put an end to your relationship. To do this once and for all, stick to certain rules of separation.
 Talk with your partner. If you want to have this conversation was the last, arrange a grand quarrel and show him a lot of claims. What a selfish withstand such an attack and assault on his nerves? Say that she has disappointed you, you do not like it and regret that you have decided once to meet him.

Do not offer him to stay friends. Firstly, after you accused him of "all mortal sins," he hardly ever wants to see you. And secondly, this proposal could leave him hope that your relationship will be restored once.

If you want to get rid of selfish once and for all just disappear. Disappearing without a trace, as if you never existed. So you will avoid unnecessary emotions, conversations and scandals. Do not be afraid to be poor due to the fact that you threw this guy, and not vice versa. He still would blame you in your parting, even if initiated by the he.

Change it. Make it so that your selfish boyfriend found out about it. After that, he just has to go, because pride will not allow him to stay, though as would be desirable. If you do not want to talk long and proceedings, to declare publicly parting. He is afraid that someone would hear his humiliated, casting, and allow you to leave after the first words of parting. But it is likely that he will want to then "catch up" on the phone or in person. However, this is not peculiar selfish, so do not worry about it.

If you live together, just collect things your guy and put them out the door, or if brave enough, throw out the window at a time when he usually comes back from work. Egoist does not tolerate such treatment of his property and his person. Do not think about his feelings, because he never worried about what you are experiencing.

A man accustomed to his service at home and fulfill all his wishes, is unlikely to want to live in different conditions. Therefore rasstantes with selfish this way: just stop to clean the apartment, do not wash, cook food, do not buy products. Without thinking or caring for a loved one, you push a decisive step egoist - parting.

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