10 phrases that are afraid of man

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 The heroine of the film "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" showed the audience what actions are discouraged and even repel men. But even a simple phrase can make a man nervous, and in some cases, and wonder if he needed a relationship with this woman.
 Often under the influence of bright emotions or in the heat of an argument, a woman utter phrases that men plunged into a state of shock. And we can talk even about rudeness or neglect, but the simple words that fall on a thin mental organization representative of a strong half of mankind and produce very undesirable effect.

"You did not notice me? ". Long known fact - men perceive women as an image, rather than separately snatched details. Therefore, he will soon celebrate his companion looks sexy than fact suddenly appeared tan.

"Let's be friends." If you have decided to leave by mutual desire, then this phrase should not have to be, because the relationship gradually flow into the state of "friends" or "buddies". However, if a woman has initiated the break, it is able to offer even insult him.

I am pregnant. Even a man who sincerely wants to have a child, this news will plunge into a stupor and confusion. After some time, he certainly will be pleased, but for the first time for him it would mean that the old life ended and another began, where he is now a father. And a man who has no plans in the near future children, this phrase plunges into shock.

"You do not understand me." It is unlikely that a man after this phrase would be to ask what he could not understand the inner state of mind or his companion. Most likely, it will come to the conclusion that it did not understand him, even though he does his best to make his beloved was happy, and she is also capricious.

"You do it better Coley / Wasi / Petit." No better and no worse, and like no one else. Moreover, a man convinced that he does not go into any comparison with what makes someone else, because it makes it unique.

"What are you thinking now? ". As a minimum, the man answer to this question will not. At most, it will start to get nervous and angry. After all, he thought, if not to say, therefore, does not consider it necessary, and if asked, then either do not feel it, or try to get into his personal space.

"We need to talk seriously." After these words may follow any of these and not even listed phrases that will be one for men the other terrible.

"When you introduce me to your parents? ". The phrase just terrible, like "I want you to meet with their parents", because, according to her, your relationship is so serious that will soon be followed by the question, "When we get married? ". Men are always reluctant to be solved for these meetings and acquaintances.

"When we get married? ". Perhaps the most loyal phrase to get nervous and angry. The man has his own vision of the relationship and the amount of time needed to bind you by ties of wedlock.

"Do you love me? ". Even loving man does not always have the desire to answer this question. He is absolutely convinced that the woman with whom he was bound by any romance, heart must feel his feelings, instead of asking confirmation in the form of words.

However, a man who truly and deeply loves a woman, such phrases are not able to push. He would try to compromise, and perhaps even try to prevent the possibility of the mind of the beloved of many similar issues and reasoning.

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