Who's in the house: a man or a woman

Who's in the house: a man or a woman
 Since the "patriarchal despotism" that regulates the absolute and indisputable authority of men in the house, it took a lot of years, and the current family relationships varies question the primacy of the house in various ways.

Indeed, modern marriage has long ceased to be a patriarchal canon, leaving the problem of the "power" to the discretion of each individual pair. And today is no longer a rarity, but rather a way of life may be called the equality of spouses, fairly distribute the duties and responsibilities of global decisions. And so the problem of the rule of the house is not so badly placed, acquiring features of known loyalty and diplomacy, peculiar to our time.

However, any dating relationships, whether love, friendship and collegiality, yet can not stick to absolute parity. At the same time certainly will be observed externally invisible, but clearly traced line domination of one of the partners. And increasingly it comes to marriages. One of the spouses becomes a leading link relations, while the second, with full or consent, it just takes a "policy".

In general, this pattern does not cause any friction and conflict, and therefore a completely natural and viable. But the question of gender of the household head while not quite straightforward, as this high office with equal success can take as a decisive and energetic husband and wife clever energetic.

Nevertheless, domestic supremacy wife is otherwise a rejection of even the most obliging men, due, most likely, centuries-established family guidelines, which deviate from the oh so do not want to date the stronger sex. But such a situation can easily cope wise and shrewd woman who, in order not to hurt the male ego of her husband.

She will present the greatest art led her family relations in the opposite way, forcing a man to believe in their own management of all family issues. The state of health of both spouses in a family will be comfortable and harmonious because her husband will feel its indisputable supremacy, while in fact peaceful life will be subject to the dictates of a woman, which is the ultimate goal.

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