The worse attitude, the more love?

The worse attitude, the more love?
 It seems paradoxical that the worse you feel about the man, the more he begins to love you. Is it possible that gentle and caring ladies no chance of something to be desired. Why is it so happened that the "bitch" like much more than the devotees prudes? This behavior of men have a more logical explanation.
 In the character and behavior of male nature to "hunter instinct." Lady love surrounds the man with care and affection, always in close proximity. Performed every whim and caprices favorite, and he lost interest. For the "hunt" more than one "victim" has been driven, and no longer breaks out.

Women who are at the beginning of the relationship could intrigue man upfront tenderness and affection, and then began to show towards him coldness and detachment, have all chances to become the object of ardent passion. It turns out that a man always have to win her attention, and this is precisely the answers mortgaged instinct.

In some cases, increased attention to the beloved man regarded him as a dangerous sign. Subconsciously, he understands the care, attention, frequent calls and concern for him as an invasion of his personal space. It most often refers to men as an attack on freedom and independence. Those ladies who do not start hard to take care of her lover, they are perceived as a safe site for courtship. Providing freedom of man, they increase their chances of becoming significant for him and your loved one.

Another reason why men prefer women emotionally inaccessible, it is laid down in childhood habits. Mom or older sister of men are often very rigid and overbearing. To win their location and approval, he had to exert a lot of effort. Such relationships are subconsciously perceived men as the only true. That is, if a woman is cold and indifferent - is a signal to what you need to do something good, so she changed temper justice with mercy.

However, whatever Description did not take your beloved man, a little selfishness will not interfere in any way. Is completely dissolved in a relationship, you will feel free and independent.

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