Man and sex: Is it possible to win the man with sex

Man and sex: Is it possible to win the man with sex
 Sex appeal at all times was considered the most powerful weapon in the treacherous female conquest purposes, almost always succeeds. But today, when sex, thanks to overly wide publicity, steel is a something familiar and mundane, women increasingly difficult to express themselves in this fertile field in the conquest of men's hearts.

Indeed, modern men, differing freedom of manners and the vastness of dating is not surprising openwork stockings and vicious and provocatively views copied heroines frank porn. And win a man acting as a traditional and long nabivshim nauseam, it is possible only in rare cases. These stamps today could make a stunning impression except for inexperienced youngsters or sailors long voyage after months of flight. But the experienced and inexperienced in matters of love man looking quite different.

First of all, every man, even trying to play the role of a rake or a highly experienced macho looking for affection - the same woman's affection, a forgotten many women trying to put on a strange image of sexy seductress. Tenderness, gentleness - these are the qualities that for centuries considered an essential feature of true womanhood and will impress even the most steadfast man.

In addition, modern women have long could get used to the idea that much, very much in life they have to make themselves. And the sex in this case is no exception. The vast number of men is just crazy about female domination. And he took the situation under control affectionate, should, nevertheless, pay more attention to posture, allowing for a while to edit your partner.

Another criterion that plays an important role in the seduction of men - natural. After all, despite the apparent impermeability, men in fine feel false. It is no coincidence women, capable of successful deception in bed, worthy, perhaps, "Oscar." But manifested a partner sincere sympathy and tenderness will be evaluated highly, highlighting a woman of infinite series mannered and mincing previous pass. And if it seems that most men live only for today, in fact this is not true, and every man afraid of the coming years. That's why they want to opt for a sincere and sweet woman who would show concern and understanding, rather than spend the rest of days with some kind of fatal seductress.

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