How to improve the relationship with a guy

How to improve the relationship with a guy
 In life, she feels is an ideal spot from which nothing can them move. Perhaps because of this sublime relationship women are sensitive to any conflicts with loved ones. To the soul was always good and light, you need to properly build relationships and continually improve them.
 The best way to improve relations - is to learn to listen to your favorite. Of course, many girls will convince themselves and others that always listen to their men. Unfortunately, this happens only in words. Just some people confuse the ability to hear and listen. Most often, she only pretends to be listened to the guy, and this time she thought about her wardrobe or a new handbag. As a result, all the words fly by without affecting the soul. With this attitude, complain about the lack of attention from the guys - it's just silly.

When you begin to understand the dreams and desires of her boyfriend, can move to the next level. Now it's time concessions. Of course, it is not necessary to completely dissolve in favor of a young man, but to arrange a row over every little thing, too, should not be. Find the middle ground where both of you are willing to take a reasonable compromise, and not to defend his point of view at all costs. Just a lot of couples suffer from the fact that the partners are too selfish. As soon as you are attacked by another bout of greed and selfishness, remember about their feelings. We must learn to put yourself in the other person, and then imagine what happens to him at the time of the next quarrel.

If you already know how to listen to each other, easy to compromise, it is time to define personal space. Some girls think that guy - it's a beautiful plush toy that everywhere you need to carry. They try to show it to all her friends, praising his chosen, forgetting that next to them is a living person. At the very beginning of the relationship the young man will be a pleasure to be with you all the time, but gradually from such close contact all tired. To remedy the situation, it is necessary to determine the time that you spend apart from each other.

At this point, you can be anywhere, do his favorite thing, or just sit in the club with friends. In this case, no one should ask another what he was doing in his spare time. It is also desirable to allocate some private space that the other partner will not infringe.

These simple steps will not only help to improve relations, but also to keep them for a long time.

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