How to become a woman of his dreams

How to become a woman of his dreams
 Loving girl wants to be perfect for the elect, to embody all his ideas about beauty field, to be a woman of his dreams. A man sketched a verbal portrait of a girl who has a chance like most of them.
 Dream girl is intelligent and independent. Since there is always something to talk about, it has its own interests and often spends time with them, not to the man. But it only fuels his interest.

Woman sexy dream and can predict the desires of his men. If he wants to see her this evening as treacherous seductress, she did not appear before him in white shorts and socks with lace.

The ideal girl is beautiful. Of course, the beauty of every man understands his own way: there are fans and refined blondes and brunettes athletically folded. If you want to get closer to the views of the beautiful young man, it is better just ask any girl he likes.

Male ideal is not grumbling. Most young people think that there is nothing worse than a girl who whines, nags and complains about everything. And on this special they will try to stay away. Of course, all necessary measure. If your man, without a word, leaving the night to ask, where is it, and express their discontent still stands.

The ideal woman gets along with her husband's family and his friends. She listened to the advice of his mother, laugh at a joke and dad never forced to choose between her and best friends.

It allows a man to be a man. The ideal woman as she may want to sit on a diet and eat low-fat cottage cheese, but will not be forced to eat this diet dairy product for the guy. She takes his desire to play with friends in a bowling alley and watch football and even the time you reach the desired channel.

A woman loves her dream man. Her eyes light up and there is an extraordinary ease of gait, she genuinely enjoys calls a loved one and is always ready to support it.

Man also in love with a woman. This is the main parameter, which makes her a woman dreams.

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