How to achieve the relationship with a guy

How to achieve the relationship with a guy
 Men ideally - conquerors. And they are willing to pay dearly for it to conquer a decent woman. But this ideal is mainly describes the adult and experienced men. Young men are often not able to take the initiative. And women in such moments you want to push the guys to create a relationship.
 A woman should feel like a spider, which puts the network is attractive for those who prefer it. For different men require different methods.

If a man has an impulsive character, it is easier to provoke courtship. A partner can be found among the police and military professionals, MES, ie wherever you need quick reflexes and courage. Like it is easiest because it often just start relationships as they develop, and betrayal in his place on the same principle. Such a man need to be provoked into courtship frank words and deeds, hints he does not understand how the unforgettable Lieutenant Rzhev. He will forgive you no PhD degree and giggles, the main thing - to get to his ideal image appearance and maintain the degree of relationship with their bright emotions.

If the guy is a formalist and pedant who appreciates order and clearly knows his requirements, to provoke him harder than impulsive. So that he took the initiative, we must be able to conduct light, but at the same time a deep conversation. He chooses a girl, to get him to do something impossible. You can only do everything to please him with their qualities of character. He is looking feminine, submissive young lady who will be worthy companions in his future respectable life. Appearance should conform to the standards of beauty, these men usually do not have strange tastes. If you'll come to him, he had no problem to make the first step.

The hardest thing with deep and serious young men. They painfully unsure of yourself and your feelings, and you will have them by this uncertainty treat. Treat affection, warmth, home-made cakes, and it may take a long time. Answer all calls and listen to all their doubts. Avoid pressure and be very careful with them. Then after a while you will hear from his lips a hint of feeling. This will be the first step in intelligent and interesting young man.

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